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Come to The Dork Side

A few weeks ago, a work friend of mine put a curious postcard on my desk with a Leia/R2 picture on it that just said “The Dork Side.” Come to find out, it was for an Indie gallery down by the Oakland Cemetery called The Cornbred Gallery. More importantly it was for the opening reception for “The Dork Side” show that was being put on by pop artist James Hance–the man that draws Wookiee the Chew.

The shear adorableness that this man creates could move you to tears! He took most of my childhood and made it so cute. There are Fraggles, Muppets, Star Wars, comic book heroes, and The Beatles all rolled into one awesome show that will continue until January 28th.

His Wookiee the Chew is so adorable! I bought one for a friend of mine that collects Star Wars books…and James was there to sign it! So cute! Basically, he’s taken Han and Chewie and put them into the land of Winnie the Pooh. If I had a kid, I swear the entire nursery would be done in his paintings. So sweet.  He’s also delightful and very humble. I gave him contact info for Dragon*Con, so I hope he comes back Labor Day weekend!

The gallery itself is totally low-key…the exact opposite of the pompous air you expect from a gallery. The people who were working there were awesome, friendly, considerate, and very helpful. We went for the opening reception, so the wine, diet cokes, and beers were flowing. It’s an intimate space, with an eclectic assortment of art, and James’ pieces fit right in. At Cornbred…giggles, gasps, and grins are always welcome.


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