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Star Wars takes over Atlanta

Last night I attended the advanced screening of Star Wars The Clone Wars new 3 episode storyarc to introduce a new Sith Apprentice.  In honor of today being Geek Pride Day/May The Force be With Katie, I offer to you that I show my Geek Pride/Love of Star Wars daily…especially since I rock this tattoo: 

Anyway, about the screening, though I can’t give many details–it was fab!  We’ve now met someone that looks just like Darth Maul from Episode I, though he’s yellow, and massive.  They call him Savage Opress…basically putting the emphasis on strange syllables to make it sound all artsy or cultured :-P 

Here’s the Asajj Ventress preview portion:

Seriously though, this is a cartoon, but it was like being transported back to the Star Wars movies…lightsaber duels, beautiful ships, alien species, lots of action, a compelling storyline, and Siths rising! Katie Lucas did an amazing job writing and it should air in early January on Cartoon Network! 

I’ve actually never been a huge fan of the series itself, finding it simultaneously childish yet a little too boring for my A.D.D., but this story arc made me *feel*. I’m now a very big Asajj Ventress fan, and it was great getting a little background story on her and Savage (and also Darth Maul). I will probably watch Clone Wars now, just to see how powerful my Siths can become! Dark Side ftw!

As for the event itself, what a great way to spend a Thursday night!  First, the screening passes were free.  Can you ever beat free? No!  Second, it was held at Atlantic Station, which is an awesome locale for movies, food, shopping…all about 1 mile from downtown Atlanta. SOOO convenient, and like a different world compared to the urban decay around  it.  It’s so beautiful up there and has revitalized the upper west side/I-75 corridor.  And all of the beautiful condos they’ve put up really just make you feel like you’re in a metropolitan European city.  It’s one of my favorite places in Atlanta!  Anyway, back to the screening–upon arrival, they gave us each a VIP pass that entitled us to a free drink and free popcorn (that looked really cool and I wished I didn’t have to turn it in to get the noms). Afterward, we got FREE t-shirts, posters, and temporary tattoos. FREE!  What a great shindig…and it’s always fun to have all of the posters turn to Star Wars! 

The Georgia Garrison of the 501st were in armor doing a Toys for Tots drive and posing for pictures from their adoring public, as were members of the Rebel Legion and an R2D2!  Atlanta based Cartoon Network was on hand to give away great door prizes if you knew some trivia questions about Clone Wars. 

Did I mention how much I love Atlanta and having Cartoon Network so close?!  Great fans, a great venue, a big city where events actually occur—especially Star Wars events (and I’m not even in SanFran), and free swag!?  Atlanta, I love you!


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